Nashville, TN on the Forth of July
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Nashville TN-filter: Best places to watch Fourth of July events in Downtown Nashville.

My fiancee is not a fireworks fan at all, so while she is out of town, I'm planning on attending the festivities.

I'd like to enjoy the Symphony as well as the fireworks. I've never been, so advice on parking, best view, etc... would be appreciated.
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I always went to one of the bridges downtown to watch the fireworks when I lived there. I can't remember if it was Jefferson St. or James Robertson. It's probably the latter because I think the last time I went, the fireworks were shot from the football stadium. Riverfront Park is another good spot and will be full of people.

The stadium has lots of parking, but, assuming the Symphony is still at TPAC, it's on the wrong side of the river. I used to park behind the high school (Hume-Fogg) on 7th and Broadway during the night or when school was out. This was back when Dancin' in the District was at Riverfront Park. There's a small lot directly behind the building that fits maybe 30 cars, and it always seemed to have the only empty spots around. I never got a ticket or tow from this, but try it at your own risk. If not, there's a pay lot right there and arena parking all around. It's a slight hike over to TPAC, but it's not bad. Alternatively, basically every bus in the city goes right by the place thanks to Nashville's terrible transit system. So if you have to park too far away, hop on any bus you see pointed towards tall buildings. Go for dinner in Hillsboro Village, hop on the 7 bus, and you'll be at TPAC's front door in no time. Then walk 4 blocks to Riverfront to watch the fireworks.
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If you're next to the Symphony I'd just hop on the pedestrian bridge that's right next to it. If you don't mind walking a bit you can park at Hume-Fogg like dsword suggested. Although I will say my roommate habitually parks at pay lots in town, never pays, and has maybe received two tickets in five years. YMMV.
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Response by poster: FYI, the symphony performs outside tomorrow night, providing a soundtrack for the fireworks.
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