Info for seling a pair of skis?
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What information should be included in an ad selling a pair of skis?

I'm packing up stuff before we make a big move and looking to sell a few things on craigslist. We have a pair of skis - a few years old, but never used or even removed from their shrink wrap. I am below the level of clueless newbie when it comes to skis and skiing, never having set foot on a slope or strapped on a pair of skis. If you were buying a pair of skis (no boots, bindings, etc.), what information would you want upfront and what would you think a reasonable price range, assuming they're decent but not top of the line skis?
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Make, model, and most importantly length. Basically write down whatever is written on the ski and skiers will identify it and know what it's worth.

Ski technology advances at rapid pace, so even "new" skis a few years old may not be worth much.
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I would want to know the make and model (i.e. the brand of the company producing them and the model name). I'd also want to know what length they are. Skis are measured in centimeters (160cm, 170, 180, etc.) - many are on the tens but many models are made on in-between numbers. Use a measuring tape and google to do the conversion from inches to centimeters.

Also it might help to measure the width near the top, bottom, and middle of the ski and list that as well. Including a picture will help. If they're new then you should be asking for close to market price, so it would behoove you to take them by a ski shop and see if they can price them out for you, if you can't figure it out yourself using the internet. Skis can range pretty widely in price, from a couple hundred dollars to thousands.
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Along with make, model and length, the year they were made, as well as any characteristics of the skis that might be impotant (if they're shaped/patabolic skis or super slinkys, etc.)
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Response by poster: Hmm. Yeah, and noting three blind mice's observation that they lose value pretty quickly, the most anyone is selling a pair of skis for locally is about $10, and that's WITH bindings. Not even worth the trouble, from the looks of it.
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Where are you located? What kind of skis are they? $10 is way too low for a brand new pair of skis. Unridden skis should hold their value pretty well.
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If they were expensive skis originally--they should have some value (considerable more than $10). I would post them on Craigslist anyways and mention that they have never been used and are still in shrink wrap...a photo would be good.
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Are they cross country or downhill skis? That is the first thing I would want to know.
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