A question pour VOOO.
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Television show, movie, cartoon, what was it that featured a character saying, "pour vous," in this particular way?

Whatever it was, it was said in a sing-song voice and was overly enunciated. As in: pour VOOOO (with a higher pitch on the pour).

I have no idea when I saw this, where I saw this, or even what kind of character said this. I am pretty sure it was said while said character was handing something to someone else.

Anyway, it's been bothering me for a while, since I've adopted it for when I cheesily gift things to people. I'd love if someone out there knows where it's from.
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Response by poster: ...Actually it'd probably be more helpful to think POUR vooooo. The emphasis was on the pour (and, again, it was higher-pitched).
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Best answer: I don't know if this is the one you remember, but Homer says that to Marge in a Simpsons episode; I think it's the flashback one where Artie Ziff has "wandering hands" and rips the strap on Marge's prom gown. Homer gives her the corsage he bought for her and says "Pour vous" as he hands it to her.
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Response by poster: ha! That's it! You rock, andraste.
(I swear I've seen that episode, like, 20 times (even recently!), and it's never registered that THAT is the pour vous.)

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andraste does indeed rock! I also say this quite often, and had totally forgotten where I got it from.
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Just an add on, in the Simpsons Christmas episode where Funzo is born one of the lines he says is "I have a flower pour vous".
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huh. i'm not a big simpsons watcher and was going to ask if it was miss piggy...
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I say this all the time, and it bugged me that I couldn't remember where it was from!

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Strictly, he says, "Marge, pour vous," and the reason it's so sweet is that she'd spent hours tutoring him in French, which was a ruse on his part to get close enough to her to ask her to the prom. Very sweet little scene, vraiment.
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My guessing was going to be in 'The Wedding Party' episode of Fawlty Towers where Basil offers a coffee to a French guest: "un cafe pour vous."
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