Pachabel's Canon
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Tracks based around Pachabel's Canon... does an even vaguely complete list exist?

The chord structure is everywhere, I know this. So why are all the lists out there so hopelessly vague? I mean, half a dozen tracks in the 1990s? Really?

So, has anyone found a list that's halfway complete? Failing that... should we start one...?
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Everyone has seen this by now, I'm sure, but there's a guy with stand up about it.
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Oh, man - I just saw an online video of some guitarist doing a comedy bit where he kind of rattles off all the variations on the Canon in popular music....argh! Let me look!
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there ya go
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Odd that Wikipedia doesn't have this, but they don't.

Coolio had a song called, I think, "I'll see you when you get there" that used it.
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Here is a list that has some.
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Well, it seems like the first four chords are all it takes to qualify. If that's the case, I nominate 'Let it Be' by the Beatles. Bonus: plagal cadence with stepwise downward bass line. Very sweet.
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Well, I guess the fourth chord of Let it Be is an F, isn't it? Not an Em. Forget I said anything.
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Oh, hey, that comedian already mentioned Let it Be. Damn. I'm going now.
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Thanks To Gravity did a version. They were a local band at UNH when I was there.
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If you are going youboob, you must include JerryC's version, but probably only Fred and Barney haven't seen that one by now. It's up over 45 million views by now.
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Brian Eno
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It's mentioned in sisflit's list, but I just wanted to throw in another vote for Spiritualized's Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.
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My mother-in-law owns the CD Pachelbel's Greatest Hit, which contains 8 versions.
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Some more:

Hook, Blues Traveler
With Or Without You, U2
Cryin, Aerosmith
Torn, Natalie Imbruglia
Basket Case, Green Day
Machinehead, Bush
One Tin Soldier Rides Away, Joni Mitchel, many covers
Graduation Song, Vitamin C
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The Nields have based a song around it, but unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. They use the whole chord progression, transposed into C.
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Don't miss LAGQ's "Loose" Canon.
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I think Bush's Machinehead doesn't count for the same reason Let It Be doesn't count (see above).
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I think most of the songs on sdrawkcab's list suffer from the same problem as stubby phillips had and corrected.

The first three chords (not literally, but assuming a key of C) are C G Am, but the fourth is F. That's not the same chord sequence we're looking for: C G Am Em F C F G.

On the other hand if we're including anything with those first three chords, the world's your oyster. "No Woman No Cry" qualifies, "Another Girl, Another Planet" qualifies, probably a hundred songs qualify.
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With or Without You is also not a valid example.
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Pachebel's Canon is not a canon, it is a passacaglia.
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"Kite Song" by Truth
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