Seeking video clips of Nadia Comaneci's gymnastics routines
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Where can I find online/downloadable video clips of Nadia Comaneci's "Perfect 10" gymnastics routines from 1976? The TV networks sometimes show tiny bits of the footage during women's gymnastics events, but I've never seen any of the routines all the way through.
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On the IOC's great website they have a two and a half minute clip of her routine. I can't get the clip to load in Linux, so I'm not sure how much they do show.
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Okay, the clip is kind of lame, but it does show a bit more than the flashes I've seen on TV. Direct link to video.
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it only shows a few seconds from 3 different events she competed in, and while you can see how effortlessly she performs, you don't get the full impact of her perfection. i was seated 9 rows up from the floor for all the gymnatics events and it was breathtaking to see her entire routines, all flawless, as tho' it was the easiest thing in the world to do. it was like she was suspended from the heavens.
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Slightly on-topic, has anyone come across downloads or whatnot for the gymnastics events for this year? I've been searching, and coming up with nothing - I'm sure someone has something...
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Nadia has growns up pretty well.
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That video, I think, misses a spectacular back flip off the top bar, in which she somehow grabbed the bottom bar. Maybe I'm just imagining that, but check out her form in this still.
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If you want high-res, there are various video compilations of the events.
(I might have access to those, if you can't find a copy)

majcher: For this year's events, you might read the articles on how to access the BBC site from the US.
(I presume someone on slashdot explained it somewhere in that article)
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majcher, there's a alt.binaries.olympics group with a lot of BBC rips of the ceremonies and events.
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They have some events, but not that many, unless Easynews has been DMCA'ed.
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molovoo, mathowie, thanks! My special lady friend will be eternally grateful for the gymnastics. (And I will be, too, for the beach volleyball. Rowr.)
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A link with full UB and BB..
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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