Gift ideas for a midllevel exec and an executive assistant, on the level of $500 each?
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I work in a small office and two employees are leaving. The first was a midlevel exec and the other was an executive assistant. We are throwing a going away party for both of them, and the boss has charged a couple of us with the mission of getting them each something on a budget of $500 each.

Any suggestions?
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How about a $500.00 cash bonus?
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szg8, a little more info may be helpful...

For instance, are they techies/gadget nuts? Or technophobes? What are they doing next? Is there any particular hobby that they have?

For instance, if the midlevel exec is going to another company, it might be helpful to get him something cool *and* useful like a new leather briefcase or a gadget Samsung PDA-phone. Or if he likes golf, a really expensive driver.
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Response by poster: Good points...

Midlevel exec...Golf Enthusiast, Political Junkie, Baseball fan. Got a great gig at another company, but will require more travel. He will probably upgrade to a TREO phone, so a PDA / nice case are out, b/c I am not sure what his plans are. Also, he already had a nice briefcase (another idea we had).

Exec Sec .. Looking for a part time gig, so she can be home more for her kids.

I was thinking maybe get them nice watches.....
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For the exec, you might consider a Tumi roll-on overhead-luggage-sized bag. My dad has purchased those for several of his reps as rewards.

For the Exec Sec, ... that's a tough one. This would take work, but if she's family-oriented, you might consider an array of gift certificates/cards to family-oriented things, depending on ages of her kids. Restaurants, movies, fun stuff (i.e. if you have an amusement park nearby), etc.
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There was another thread on this a while ago with some good suggestions.

I stand by my old suggestion of a spa day - my old boss gave me a $500 spa day for xmas last year and it was the best work-related present I ever got. Though of course cash is always good as well.
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Nothing says "You have been valued" like a little blue box.
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ask for a raise.
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I think it is nice and appropriate to give them true luxury items, but I reccomend that you buy them at a store with a good return policy and include a gift receipt. A department store might be best--that way they can return the item for housewares or clothing or whatever if they prefer something more practical.

Unless, of course, you are sure that you are hitting the nail on the head.

One really nice gift (although maybe part of an ensemble, if you are spending $500) is a silver picture frame. Everyone likes 'em.
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If I was leaving I'd want the money. Call me crass but my coworkers have about zero chance of buying anything from me that I might actually want. Want to show me appreciation, $500 is a great start.
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A $500 watch is not a great watch. Get the iPod.
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iPod or the money.
Or a gift from Tiffany's with the receipt. All good ideas.

Don't do the watch. Way to cliche.
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A $500 watch is not a great watch.

No, it's a way overpriced watch.
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Spend $25 each on something sentimental like a framed picture of "the whole nutty gang back at FormerJobCorp.", then give them each a $475 "use anywhere" gift card like a mall gift card or an AmEx Gift Cheque. You can't go wrong that way and they'll actually get something they'll want.
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