Where to see fireworks near Providence, RI?
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Best place to see fireworks near Providence on the 4th of July?

It's my first summer in Providence, and I just found out that fireworks downtown are canceled.

I know Bristol has a big 4th of July celebration, but they are doing fireworks on the 3rd. Are the any other fireworks shows nearby worth checking out? (Within an hour's drive would be preferable.)
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If you're willing to drive down to South Kingstown, they put on the best show around. Fireworks are scheduled for Friday at 9pm on Old Mountain Field. Only thing is, you gotta get there by 7 or 7:30pm, to stake out your area. Bring a blanket or some chairs and be ready to kill an hour chilling out before the show.
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McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket has fireworks every night from tonight to Saturday. I watch them from the comfort of my backyard now, but as a kid, we'd find a parking lot near the stadium and watch them from there. It's a good show - the random post-game fireworks are always pretty long, and I believe the 4th of July fireworks are even better.
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