How to arrange mutliple windows in windows vista?
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Software that allows you to split up screen area for different programs in windows Vista?

My google-fu is failing me. I want to be able to split my monitor into various areas so I can keep multiple applications open and visible at the same time. Does anyone know of any reliable software to do this?
For example, I'd like to keep the top left hand quarter for firefox. The bottom left hand quarter to Thunderbird or outlook. Then use the right half for excel. Any thoughts?

Doesn't seem like a virtual desktop is what I need, since that appears just to enable me to swtich between different desktops, not arrange them so they can be viewed simultaneously. Also, have tried the automatic "right click on taskbar to cascade" etc, but that doesn't help me when I open up new apps or need to expand a particular window to view.

Any help gratefully appreciated!
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Best answer: I use WinSplit Revolution for Win XP and it's awesome. You can use preset areas or define your own. They say it works on Vista.
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Maybe FreeSnap (page says it supports Vista) or GridMove (page only mentions XP, don't know if it works on Vista) might be of interest if WinSplit Revolutions isn't?
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A quarter of a screen of Firefox or Excel isn't going to be very useful unless you have one very large or multiple monitors. Having multiple workspaces is something you might want to check out, I can't live without after them being introduced through Linux and OSX. You can still trade data between the applications as necessary, and everything is compartmentalized.
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have you used tile windows horizontally or vertically? Isn't that going to be more helpful.
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There's also SplitView, which is $39.
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