Independence Day in LA
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What's the best (cheap) thing to do on the Fourth in Los Angeles?
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Watch fireworks! Duh.

Check out this list of events in L.A.

Are you familiar with Cabrillo Beach (San Pedro), their celebration is free and "boasts demonstrations from the US Coast Guard and the LAFD's firefighting boat. San Pedro Bands and the Golden State Pops Orchestra will perform. There will also be an artillery demonstration with cannons firing along the coastline." I mean, come on, who doesn't like cannons?

From its website:

- There will also be Tours of a Naval Vessel,
- Armed Forces and U.S. Coast Guard demonstrations,
- Displays by the Los Angeles City Fire Department’s firefighting boat,
- And the Washington Artillery group along the coastline firing canons.
- The 20-minute pyrotechnic fireworks presentation will begin at 9:00 p.m.

I've also heard that Hermosa Beach is great for those inclined to party. If you're up to the challenge, be there before 11 (a.m.) for "the Ironman, where participants run a mile, swim a mile and chug a 6-pack."

If you can't find anything there, I'd recommend finding a big hill where you can overlook part of the city and see the ocean. Drive there and watch the show. And remember, always use a punk.
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July 12 is Fireworks night at Dodger Stadium. They do one of the best shows in town, if not THE best.
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I snuck up Runyon Canyon one 4th with some buddies and watched the fireworks. I say snuck because they had the gate closed for the evening. That was a good view.

Or - find a tall apartment bldg. that doesn't have a security code. Take the elevator up to the roof and hang out up there with everyone else who is doing the same thing.

(Wow, both of those are both slightly illegal I guess - but fun anyway.)
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