Can you move Google Desktop Search history to a new machine?
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Can you move Google Desktop Search history to a new machine? If so, how?

I've used Google Desktop for several years on my old machine (XP). I'm now on a new Vista machine. Is there any way to move my search history over to my new machine? If so, if you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it greatly. My searches have come back with little info.

I'm not looking for a pro's/con's on Google Desktop, why I shouldn't use it, etc. I've been very happy with it and would like to not lose my entire history.

Thanks in advance!!
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Response by poster: Not yet. I know where it is on my old machine, but I took at look at the files already installed on my new machine from Google Desktop, and they don't look to be formatted the same. (New install of GD is on my new machine). I'm guessing its a difference in version.

Old PC = Google Desktop 5.1.0707.23222-en-pb
New PC = Google Desktop 5.7.0801.07324-en-pb

I'm going to try to find a copy of the old version and try to install it, I think.

To me it seems this would be a common issue, and there would be a more straightforward way of attacking it.

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