Old Server Rail Kits?
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Where do I find sliding rail kits for older Dell PowerEdge 1750, Sun, and HP/Compaq G3/G4 machines?

We've been moving a bunch of 1U servers from one server room to another at work, and quite a few of the machines don't have rails. One of the rules that the IT folks have in this new server room is that machines can't be stacked higher than one on top of the other, so we need to find quite a few rail kits.

My Google-fu seems to be lacking as I can't seem to find any sites that sell such a thing.
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would you consider 2U shelves? should run you something like $30-80 each, depending. comparable to what 2x 1U rail kits will cost, I imagine.

places like weirdstuff or pacificgeek will have rail kits; but I mostly only ever saw generic ones there, and who knows if those will fit (which is why I never took the chance)
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(and not the monitor/component kind of shelf, I mean; there are ones specifically meant to hold servers... generally they bolt in the back too)
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RackSolutions still stocks them.

I buy all of my rack hardware (Well, what I don't buy direct from Dell) from RackSolutions. I have five racks of servers running in a 24/7 environment.
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Oops, I'm sorry, that was an incorrect link. Here's the correct one.<>
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We had luck with Shark Rack (link) in the past for some old sun servers.
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Me: link FAIL.
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I have bought rails for older dell servers on ebay.

Often you'll find these auctions are run by commercial vendors instead of individuals, so you may be able to expedite shipping, etc.
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