Do animals menstruate?
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Do animals menstruate?

More specifically, are there non-primate mammals that shed their uterine lining in a manner analogous to menstruation, either seasonally (if they have a seasonal cycle), or year-round? Also, are there non-primate mammals that bleed in a manner similar to menstruation, but stemming from another biological cause (i.e., not a shedding of the uterine lining)?
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Yes, but not like humans. Most animals' linings get absorbed and there's no period/bleeding.
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Dogs do. They even have special pads in pet stores for the bitches when 'Aunt Flo' comes to visit.
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Sort of. The term you're looking for is 'estrous cycle.' The cultural implications of human women not being blatantly 'in heat' are, according to some anthropologists, really significant.
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I read that wild dogs and wolves don't menstruate very much blood, if any... that in domestic dogs it is caused by an unnatural diet. Same with primates, who do menstruate, but lose very little blood. Raw foodists and paleo dieters often cease or have less bleeding.
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No. Only (some) primates menstruate. All other placental mammals have an estrous cycle. Aside from slight bleeding in some species--particularly domesticated ones such as cats, dogs, and cows--mammals with estrous cycles do not bleed. Instead, the lining is reabsorbed if fertilization does not occur.

Check out the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on the subject. (Note: annoying pop up every several seconds unless you are a subscriber).
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Most mammals undergo an estrous cycle instead of a menstrual cycle.
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Should have previewed.
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...and of course, just so we don't confuse being "in heat" with menstruation, estrous manifests at the midpoint of the cycle, when ovulation occurs.
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My dog experienced estrous about four to six times a year before we finally got her fixed. It was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. She bled everywhere. The final straw was when she experienced a false pregnancy. We were trying to save money at the time for our big move back to Canada, and also thought it might be cheaper to fix our dog in Canada rather than in Japan. Were we ever wrong. Although I suppose we made a mistake by taking our dog to a "holistic veterinarian" in Canada. Are all vets such money-grubbing scum?
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This is a slight derail, but the relationship between menstruation and raw food in humans is almost certainly a reflection of a reduced caloric and fat intake [pdf], and nothing mystical about the "naturalness" of cooking food. It's likely that the same principle holds in domestic cats and dogs, who eat an abundance of food relative to feral or wild relatives.
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Wow, KokuRyu, my dog also used to bleed everywhere, and also had a hysterical pregnancy. Yes, domesticated dogs definitely menstruate.
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Yeah they do. When I was working as a slave-labor clothing salesperson on Melrose in L.A.I was regularly asked (via phone) by my boss to wipe her effing poodle's menstrual blood off her ass.

I got fired. the carpet suffered.

Hopefully she's (not the dog) is suffering somewhere as well.
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Aren't eggs chicken menstrua or is that apocryphal?
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No, they are eggs.
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It depends how you define "menstruation", but dogs do NOT technically menstruate, the blood seen during the proestrus phase of the dog heat cycle comes from the vaginal walls, not the uterus. Menstruation is the shedding of the endometrial lining through the vagina, dogs reabsorb the endometrium, they do not shed it through the vagina. Animals with an estrous cycle do not menstruate, only animals with a menstrual cycle menstruate (humans and some primates, plus some others).
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