Does anyone else hear odd noises in their heads when they are hungry?
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Does anyone else hear odd noises in their heads when they are hungry?

When I get really hungry, as in stomach-growling hunger that makes you feel kind of dizzy, I also hear scritching noises in my head. I'm just curious about whether anyone else experiences this. These noises are kind of high-pitched and sound a bit like crickets chirping. They sound like they're entirely in my head, and they're pretty loud and not very pleasant. They don't really cause any discomfort but I really want to know if anyone else has this!
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I experience what I think is the exact same sensation that you described. It "feels" like it originates at the front of my head, somewhere behind my nose or eyes. I always "hear" it when I'm very hungry and a little lightheaded. I'd love to read some explanation of this.
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I got this when I was dieting hardcore. (Don't diet hardcore!)
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I sometimes have sensations that sound and feel like spinal fluid moving through my neck and skull vertebrae when I'm hungry.
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Yes. For me it's more whooshy than scritchy, and not loud at all, but it's definitely high-pitched and I do hear it up around my temples somewhere if I need to eat.
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I'm not a doctor but regardless I diagnose you all with CRAZY. I have never heard or heard of this, ever.
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i get exactly the same sensation as infinitewindow, only when i'm hungry. it's kind of like the gurgling/growling sounds from the belly, but higher pitched. originates in the neck, behind the throat in the base of the skull and top few vertebra. exactly as though the cerebrospinal fluid were moving around and squeezing through the little holes in the vertebra. SQUEEEEeeeeeeaaak.
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some more people confirming the hunger connection here. haha, one guy calls it the rainstick noise. that's exactly what it sounds like!
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Infinitewindow explained the noise/sensation I get perfectly. Strangely popping, rushing fluid sensations up my spine/neck.
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I've had that feeling in my neck but have never associated it with hunger. Plus mine's not loud. It's a little unsettling though, like my dormant alien parasite is tossing in its sleep and rousing slightly. One day it will eat my brain and then come for the rest of you.
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I hear these a lot; more often when I'm very hungry. They sound like they originate at the base of my skull.
I also get a phantom smell from sustained heavy exertion. I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like, but it's familiar.
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I'm with loiseau. You are all nuts.
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Oh man, I was about to previously with my post but gnomeloaf beat me to it. Lame.
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I've always felt it in my neck, but I can see how you could think it was coming from your head.
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Response by poster: excellent; now I know that I don't have a dormant alien parasite. :D thanks all.
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Well, no. You don't know that.
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