Raccoons gotta go! Safety question.
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Am getting ready to tear out a roof/ceiling which has had, among other things, resident Raccoons on and off over time. Safety equipment questions inside...

I will be doing the demolition inside from beneath the ceiling. I am considering purchasing a #M 6000 Series Full-face respirator. Is this a good choice and if it isn't, what would be better? There are several plug-in filters available, what should I use?

Are there other safety precautions I should take (the part of the structure is only about 80 square feet of sheetrock - 2x6 - 2x8 - plywood with a new water barrier roof over it?)

Metal flashing will close all holes.
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That's a 3M 6000 Respirator.
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You might want to have the attic space fumigated before you break into the ceiling. Raccoons could have very easily brought fleas into the space. You don't want that in your living space.
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