L.A. IT peeps, help!!
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Hey all, I need to find 4 rackmount kits for 4 APC SURDT5000XLT ups's today in the Los Angeles area. Does anyone have a line on somewhere that might carry these in stock so I can pick them up today? I have a 5 am install time, so the morning is no good. HELP!
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Just get some shelves for your racks until you can get the proper brackets. Much easier to find, which is to say that you should be able to find them. Try giving APC a call anyway, maybe they know of a retailer within a few hours drive where you could pick them up (even if they don't have a storefront). I did this with SuperMicro once, went to their factory/office to pick some junk up.
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I had some APC UPS's, and the rackmount "ears" were no different than the ears I've seen on many other types of rackmount gear (servers, switches, etc). So, you may not have to find APC ears, just a random assortment you can test out. Any used computer gear shops in your area?
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We found some at ingram micro in the ie, through a local reseller. Got the couriered over in good time. Going to bed so I can get up at 4AM to start the install. thanks for the help.
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