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Help me put together a fun YouTube playlist for a casual small party environment. Funny, short, smart.

So I got one of them Apple TVs a while back and it's best (and least discussed) feature is its YouTube interface.

Now, when I have friends over we often spend a lot of time checking out lots of old concert footage (Old Grey Whistle Test, etc) or videos. But now I would like to have a list of cool comedies and shorts at the ready.

Things we have loved: Yacht Rock (Amazing!), Italian Spiderman, No Direction Period (great Dylan parody).

You get the idea: funny, smart, short attention span--think a homebrew Kentucky Fried Movie.
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Asshole on cell phone at funeral: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWG-yNw0jfw

Elmo auditions for CASINO.
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Levitol - It can't cure gay! (Results may vary depending on your level of gay.)
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Go on YouTube and search for the Whitest Kids U Know. They are a sketch comedy group, but they also have done some music videos, particularly "Time to Wake Up Your Neighbors" and "Dinosaur Party."

I can't keep a straight during any of their sketches.
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The Purple and Brown shorts slay me. Ho HOOOOhhh!
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Larry Blamire's Talse From the Pub shorts are excellent Twilight Zone spoofs that derive most of their humor from dialog so wooden that the hack screenwriter feels like an additional character in the room, playing funny man to the actors' foil.
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Gah. They're called "Tales From the Pub," of course.
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Stupid Game Show videos. (more entertaining than it sounds)
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