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What are some activities to do with an injured friend who needs to get out of the house?

Aside from sex, what are some fun things that can I do with my buddy and his recently casted arm? He's fairly active and is bummed that he can't do everything that he used to with two arms.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated, but bonus points if you can suggest an outdoor activity or something Seattle-specific! Thanks, mefites.
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Seems obvious, but you didn't mention it -- hike?
posted by Perplexity at 1:16 PM on June 30, 2008

boat ride on the bay
nature drive with you driving
sci-fi museum (fucking rocks)
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Tandem hang-gliding - find an instructor who will take someone up in a hang-glider for two. The instructor can do all the work steering, but it's still very cool.
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I don't know, I broke my finger and I was barely allowed to hike. THe docs don't want you messing up your injuries again.
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What I meant by my comment is, I would skip hang gliding.
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Wander around the Ballard locks--check out the salmon ladder, watch the boats, stroll through that park there, get burgers at the Lockspot afterwards.
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Bring the out-of-the-house to him!

Even in Seattle, barbecue season has (just barely) arrived. Call him up to hang out, and in half an hour show up with a bunch of friends, booze and meat (or veggies - whatever). Random party!

Alternately, show up with a big van a selection of the goofiest crazy-twisty straws you can find and go out to the bars. Forbid anyone to lift glasses - straws only! Don't forget the DD, or walk.

Movie marathons in a well air-conditioned house?

Buy a bunch of sharpies. Call some tattoo parlors. Find a willing artist and take your friend in for some sweet cast "ink". Surprise!
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- You can put three people in those canoes you rent from the UW. Get another friend to help you paddle him around the Arboretum.
- Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island or something and wander around there.
- Borrow a dog. Go to Marymoor Park and chuck the ball for the dog (only need one arm for this). Marymoor is dang hot though so wait until it gets cooler.
- Go to Alki Beach and eat fish and chips.
- It's almost the 4th of July, there's plenty of parades and fireworks.
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