Helpful people/info in Woburn, we needs it!
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We are moving to Woburn, MA and need helping finding a variety of services there.

We finally closed on our new house in Woburn, and we need to find a variety of things nearby. We need a plumber to do run a gas line, someone to put up a nice fence around our yard (or where to buy fencing material to put it up ourselves Lowes and Home Depot were surprisingly unhelpful), a good electrician to put in a 220v for a stove and dryer, a good general contractor (in case we need one, and possibly to install Ikea cabinets), a good eye dr (my wife has horrible vision that likes to act up, so someone good at dealing with that is a must), good restaurants (we've live in Arlington, Medford, and Somerville, so we know those areas and Boston restaurants, but not those up in Woburn), good delivery/takeout places, and anything else we must not miss up in Woburn.

We know of Angie's list, but we want personal recommendations as well.

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The only good restaurant is really Tremonte Restaurant on Main Street. For weekend Dim Sum I like Far East Cafe in Cummins Park. For lunch I really like Tudo na Brasa also on Main Street. The Restaurant is OK but VERY basic food. Breakers Ice Cream on Winn Street. For Indian, Punjab in Arlington ;-).
There is a Loews next to the Woburn shopping mall and a Home Depot in Reading (a couple exit further north on Rte128).
There is a Trader Joe's in Burlington.
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Dude, Woburn is like right next door to Arlington, Medford and Somerville. So what happened to your old plumber, electrician and eye Dr.? Couldn't you still use them? My Plumber is from Cambridge, Electrician is from Everett, My Dr. is in Peabody, yada yada yada.
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Gungho I should have mentioned that this is our first home, therefore no plumber or electrician from before. Wife's old eye dr. is at Mass Eye and Ear and doesn't take my new insurance, so she's needed a new one for awhile and we figured this is was a good a time as any to ask for info on a new one.
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OK. Sorry for the harsh... I have gotten several recommendations from Try that as an alternative to Angie's list. Good luck with your new home.
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I grew up in Woburn. For good subs/pizza delivery just over the line into Stoneham (they deliver to Woburn), check out DeliWorks. My parents say La Stanza Diva in Woburn center is quite good (it's Italian food). On Salem St in Woburn is some fence place. Just near the intersection of Cedar Street. Also, don't drink the water! (Maybe, it's okay, but I've been scarred for life and don't drink tap water at all).
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