Online Driver History Report?
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I was wondering if there was an online service/database where I can download a copy of my driving record quickly, kinda like car fax but instead of vehicle history report it would be my personal driving history. The only places I've found online are very sketchy/scammy.

I need this to prove to an out of state court that I have a clean driving record in my home state (tomorrow) in order to get a ticket dismissed. Normally I could use this process to get a copy of my driving record mailed to me.

But I need more timely gratification :) Unfortunately DMV is closed today or I could try and finagle it in person.

Ideas? links?
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Your insurance company should have a somewhat recent copy of your driving record--try calling them?
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well they (GEICO) didn't seem willing/able to fax it to me, but they were able to see it and tell me about an infraction on there that I had forgotten about, so it seems like a moot point now :(

I'd still be interested in knowing if there's an online service out there... I stumbled across choicepoint, but that's also a wait by your mailbox exercise.
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You can get an online ChoicePoint CLUE report here. I ordered one before getting new insurance in a new state, just to be sure there were no surprises.
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