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Where near Boston can I find kid-friendly fireworks display?

By kid-friendly, I mean somewhere we can drive to and from without having to be there hours in advance or wait for hours in traffic to get home. We have a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old and fireworks will take place hours after their bedtime, so ideally we'd like to see a display that we can go to without spending hours waiting for it.

We live in Roslindale and it's easy to get to some MetroWest locations as well as Quincy, Newton, Milton, etc.
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It's not Metrowest per se, but the Danvers (north shore) fireworks are part of the annual 'Family Festival', and are pretty kid-friendly. They hold them on July 3rd every year, and they put on a show that all the surrounding communities (Salem, Beverly, Peabody etc) come to. The show is in Plains Park, and there's always plenty of room to sit and see the fireworks.

The downside is parking. There's not much in the way of parking lots, so everyone parks on the neighborhood streets and walks.
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The Newton fireworks display is always very good. There is plenty of street parking within a few blocks, and always plenty of places to sit on Albemarle Field. There are the usual food and ice cream carts, and some kiddie rides before the fireworks start at 9pm.
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I second the Newton fireworks. They're way less stressful than getting in town to see Boston's.
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Newton fireworks are very good, and the parking and crowds can be manageable if you get there early.

As another option for the 4th there is Robins Farm in Arlington. It is set on a hill and you can actually see the fireworks over the city. They also have a big screen and simulcast the Pops concert. More info:
Link is here
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If its just the fireworks you are after, you don't need to show up at the Charles early for a good show. Last year I showed up "late", just a few minutes before the fireworks started and watched from a side street (Boston side). I've gone for the past 3-4 years, and that was by far the best view I've ever had. No waiting for hours on the ground, and no waiting hours in a crowd to leave.
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