Where to get BBC The Office on DVD?
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Does anyone know where i can get a copy (Buy, download, anything) of the Christmas Specials from BBC's The Office. I've been eagerly awaiting my chance to see them for months now and i don't know where to find them.
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You can't buy them yet. It's November 16 for a North American DVD, or October 25 for a PAL DVD.

I'm sure you can find it with your favorite P2P application, though, if you're into that. There are also a few copies being sold on eBay as well.
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According to Amazon, the box set with the black cover is "Series 1 & 2 and the Special", out now. I'm hoping/guessing this means the Christmas Special (which I P2Ped, and which would be added to the short list of films which nearly made me cry). Can anyone confirm if this is the Christmas special or some other sort of special? The Amazon listing doesn't have much detail.
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I found a copy of the special as a DVD on usenet. I mention that not to facillitate stealing, but to note that it is indeed going to show up on a DVD if it hasn't already. This DVD rip had a menu and everything.

Also, the episode is totally worth watching. It's amazing.
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The Amazon set linked appears to be US only (can't find any reference to it on UK sites, or the beeb's site). I'd imagine the special included is indeed the Christmas special--I can't remember any others, apart from the Comic Relief bits from a while back, but they were short and I can't see the worth of putting them on a US dvd.

The Amazon reviews are funny: "The series centers on the gut-wrenching, inscrutable antics of one David Brent (channeled masterfully by Ricky Gervais), branch manager of a paper merchant in Slough, Country Berkshire, England."

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a friend found it on bit torrent.. apparently it look ages to download though.

absolutely most awesomest episode.
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I've seen bootlegs of it regularly on eBay--sold by a Brit. I think it goes for about $10. Pretty sure that when I checked last time, amazon.co.uk had a UK release date.
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It's nice to see it getting a good response outside of the UK. The response to the Xmas specials was rather lukewarm here. Although admittedly I didn't think they were as good as any of the regular episodes, myself, except for the whole party bit. ;-)
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