George Carlin's Supreme Court defense
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Where can I find a transcript of what George Carlin told the Supreme Court?

On Slate, Joshua Mann refers to a transcript of George Carlin's defense in the Supreme Court case that he's famous for.

Where can I find this transcript?
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Wikipedia's article on the case links to this site, which carries an audio version of oral arguments.
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Hmm, I sampled every minute of that mp3, and couldn't find Carlin's voice in there.
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To be honest, I'd be flabbergasted if Carlin himself personally addressed the Court at any point. That's just not something that happens at the Supreme Court. Most likely, the Slate author got confused by the fact that a transcript of Carlin's routine, as broadcast, is attached to the Court's decision.
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Indeed, there's just about no chance that Carlin testified before the Supreme Court, because nobody testifies before the Supreme Court. Each side gets half an hour, and the lawyers spend that time giving legal arguments. Otherwise, the Court reviews the written record left by the appeals court and the trial court (the latter being where a party's testimony might show up). In this case, FCC v. Pacifica was the Supreme Court's review of Pacifica v. FCC in the DC Circuit, which was the appellate court's review of an FCC decision reconsidering a different FCC decision, so there was no "trial" in the way you might be picturing.

Neither of the two FCC decisions appear to be readily available online so I can't link to them, but I looked them up through LexisNexis and neither contains any sort of statement by George Carlin. The first FCC decision, the appeals court decision, and the Supreme Court decision all do contain a transcript of the 11 minute, 45 second "Seven Dirty Words" bit.
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I think what you're looking for is at in the documents section.
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Carlin wasn't a party in that case. He wasn't involved in it at all.
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