Are there any Jive and/or Swing clubs in NYC?
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Are there any Jive and/or Swing clubs in NYC?

I used to take ballroom jive and would love to get back into it and party and dance to this sort of Rockabilly and Swing revival.. Jitter Bug and so on...
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I think there aren't as many places as when the swing revival was at its height, but Rodeo Bar hosts many bands you'd probably enjoy... ranging from Country to Rockabilly to Swing - The Flying Neutrinos will be there on July 6th and are not to be missed! The dance floor is tiny, but given the right level of crowd enthusiasm, I've seen plenty of tables moved and a decent dance space created. Worth a try for the music alone!
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Not a lot in the way of clubs that I know of, but don't miss Midsummer Nights Swing.
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That is all.
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Yehoodi indeed. NYC is a freaking swing hotbed.
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Is Swing 42 still around?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions guys..
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