Robert Johnson-inspired Hip Hop
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A few weeks I had to listen to a drunken guy drone on about hip-hop. There was one thing he said that caught my interest. He mentioned that there were tracks based on Robert Johnson samples. So what are the tracks and who does them?
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Apparently Laquan sampled "If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day" on "Swing Blue, Sweat Black", and Mixmaster Mike turned "Ramblin' on My Mind" into a rap jam. I have no first-hand knowledge of these, however.
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French rapper MC Solaar has what I'm pretty sure is a Robert Johnson sample (it's brief, but distinctive) on the song "La fin justifie les moyens" ("The End Justifies the Means") from the album Prose Combat.
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In the film Scratch you can see Mixmaster Mike scratching with a Robert Johnson record. Possibly the one mentioned above.
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On a related note, Mudy Waters' "Electric Mud" album shows up everywhere in Hip Hop.
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on a getting-more-unrelated note (i have a knack of not actually answering people's questions), ekkehard ehlers, in absolutely no sense a hip hop artist, has released a 7" of robert johnson music, called, appropriately, ekkehard ehlers plays robert johnson. it's absolutely beautiful - minimal glitchy ambient stuff based on robert johnson samples. the 7" sold out ages ago, but you can still get the collected plays... series on staubgold records. also featured are albert ayler, john cassavetes, hubert fichte and cornelius cardew.
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