Melodious Melodica in the Mystic Mist
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Two questions about Argentina. First, does anyone know any good hot springs [termas] that are not exceedingly far from Buenos Aires. Second, does anyone know any music stores in Buenos Aires where I could acquire a melodica or other instruments for not too many pesos.

Stipulations: We would prefer the hot springs are more natural. That is to say, the water isn't pumped from a spring into a bathroom. Secret ones without fences and buildings would be the raddest. But, barring that, just good ones will suffice.

If hot springs do not work out, does anyone know any sweet sweet nature spots in Argentina.

Thanks for the assistance.
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Disclaimer: never been there, have no clue about the water properties so I'm just acting as a signpost of sorts. ;-)

Carhué is about 500 km from Buenos Aires.

San Clemente del Tuyú is about 300 km from Buenos Aires.

Some of the ones in Entre Ríos should also be under the 500 km mark, I'm guessing.

Having zero musical abilities, I can't help you with the instrument thing. I don't even know what a melodica is supposed to be, how embarrassing.
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