give me a way not to lose my return open tix which are going to expire!
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I have open return tix with EL AL which expire in two months. now the doc says i may not be able to fly...

If i purchased an elal ticket a year ago, and now the doctor says i might not be able to fly before they expire in two months from now, is there any way to entend the ticket?

or perhaps buy insurance in case i am not able to fly? (I am still unsure....)

any workaround appreciated! its three tix worth $2500 total if i lose them...
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You would be better off asking El Al directly than us. They have english-speaking representatives:


Our representatives at the Telephone Service Center
will be pleased to serve you at the following telephone numbers:
+972(3)9771111 or *2250
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call them. with a doctor's note, you may be able to get an exception. but it may only be for your ticket, not the other two. still, see what they have to say. they may not be as horrible as u.s. airlines and might actually provide some decent customer service.
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