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Quick! What is the joke about the vindow vasher? My friends and I are going nuts! ..and looking up salmon PR)N.
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I'm the Viper -- and I've come to vipe your vindows!

That one?
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(Set it up with some poor schmuck getting an increasingly threatening sequence of phone calls from a rust-throated man of indeterminate central European origin. "The Viper is coming, two o'clock." "The Viper is coming, one hour." "The Viper is coming, be there in moments." Etc.)
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The Viper is coming. 5.75.

The writers must've been really bored when they came up with that episode. God bless 'em for it.
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Should be The Viper

Of this and the one in the other post, I'm not sure which one came first though.
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I first read it in one of the Scary Stories books, and it ended, "I am the viper. I vish to vash und vipe your vindows." The illustration had a short man with a drippy squeegee, but the story was much like the one the jam linked to above. Somehow they managed to draw it out for like 3 pages though.
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I saw this done at summer camp, when I was 10. Only the Viper wasn't after the windows. He showed up decked out in toilet paper, asking if anyone wanted a vipe.
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There was a G.I. Joe episode.
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I seem to remember an Animaniacs episode/segment too.
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There was a G.I. Joe episode.


I thought that it was kind of a weak one, too. Doesn't the Joe Army have some sort of sophisticated communications network, at least to the point of being able to use caller id to figure out the caller who they think is threatening them? I also thought that their procurement department must have been somewhat at fault - if there is a vendor coming, can't they tell security so the entire battalion doesn't think an attack on their headquarters is imminent?
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That's awesome, thanks guys! We were so confused.
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