Home remedy for dog constipation?
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What's wrong with my beagle? Constipation?

All day, he's kept his (normally wagging) tail tucked tight down between his legs. I took him for a walk which almost always means he poops, but today he struggled to get out a tiny piece of poop. And he didn't lift his tail to do it.

When I lift his tail or try to examine the area, he yelps.

Earlier in the week, he chewed up an athletic bag and I am worried he may have swallowed some bits and pieces and maybe is in pain when he tries to poop.

I can't take him to the vet til Monday. I have looked up some home constipation remedies for dogs and most reference mineral oil or canned pumpkin, neither of which I have in the house. I don't have a car today and can't go anywhere to get anything. Can I use regular cooking oil?

I thought I'd mix some dry dog food with a little cooking oil (corn or canola) and maybe some liquid from a can of tuna til it's all soft. If he eats that, I wonder if it would "speed things along?"

He's just so not himself. I feel terrible.
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What was this athletic bag made of? If dog got some zipper or string in his system, he's probably not a very happy camper now because of that. I can't help you out on home remedies, but definitely, definitely, definitely take him to your vet as soon as you can, even if he seems to be feeling better by Monday morning, just in case there are pieces of the bag left in him.
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Beagle-owner here ... It might also be anal glands that need to be expressed. That might explain tail and tenderness. It happened to our dog, and the tail was at such a crooked angle Mrs. Writer called it Gonzo tail, after the Muppet. I hope that's what it is and not a swallowed object. Post a follow up after the vet visit.
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While I work in a veterinary hospital, I have no actual medical training (and my wife, who does, is out of town) so take this with a grain of salt, but...

Tail tucking with pain suggests a couple things to me. The first is some kind of anal gland impaction or infection, and the second is some type of injury to the lower spine. I would suggest getting him to the vet as soon as possible, as both of those conditions can worsen over time. I would also NOT feed your dog any kind of constipation remedy, as this is not typically a symptom we see with constipation. I know it can be a financial burden, but if you have an emergency vet in the area, I would head there tonight or tomorrow, just to be sure. If you have decent credit you may want to look into Care Credit -- a credit card that is accepted at many veterinarians. Good luck with your little buddy.
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nthing the anal gland possibility. I think it's pretty painful for them when there is a problem with it. If it were purely an internal issue (like a piece of string in the gut), I would think that he wouldn't be so sensitive around the anus.
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If you have a veterinary hospital in your area, they provide out-of-hours emergency service. I would see if any are open - our local veterinary hospital is open 24 hours.
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Sounds like anal glands. Our beagle has to have them squeezed regularly. Apparently, it's an especially common thing with beagles.
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I am taking him in today. Thanks for the suggestions and good thoughts.
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pupdate plz!
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