Places to stay around Oxford, MI?
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I'm thinking of going to a herb conference in Oxford, Michigan, the first weekend of August. It's hard to get a grip on what sorts of accommodations are around there, since there are so many little towns. Does anyone know the area, who can point me to a decent place to stay? Under $100 a night is preferable. Dog friendly a plus but not imperative. Thanks.
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There's not much in Oxford itself. My husband stayed at the Best Western Palace Inn, which is just a few miles down the road on 24. They do take pets (but they charge a fee for it). He said it was a decent place to stay.
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Sadly, they are booked that weekend.
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This is the Oxford, MI north of Pontiac, right? I can't think of another Oxford in MI. While there's nothing in Oxford itself, afaik, Lake Orion and Auburn Hills aren't all that far away. With the D-C Tech Center in Auburn Hills, as well as The Palace and GM Headquarters, there should be no lack of hotels around I75 and Telegraph (aka US 24). Going north towards Lapeer, there's another bunch of hotels around Telegraph and I69.
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