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Where (online) can I find a toy camel spider or something that looks remotely similar?

Can't believe I'm wasting a question on this.

A friend is currently stationed in Afghanistan. He's expressed the desire for me to find a big plastic spider (as big as a baseball, he specified) to send to him to play jokes on people with. He said if I can't help him scare people over there I'm going to have 4 months of being scared to put up with when he gets home. Eek!

I have looked everywhere imaginable and googled every possible string of words I could think of and I'm coming up empty handed.

The best I can find is this. It's about the right size but a little too dark, (I'm guessing), I'm afraid to look at more pictures of camel spiders to check their colors though, haha, so I'm not sure if they vary.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
Just think, by helping you are really and truly supporting the troops. Haha, well, one of them, not the unlucky victims of his jokes.
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I was sure that you'd be able to find what you wanted at Archie McPhee, but much to my surprise, spiders are apparently too normal and boring for them.
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Best answer: This guy made his own using fly tying techniques. You could try adapting a facehugger toy from the Alien movies.
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Oriental Trading Company is full of spidery goodness.
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There's plush facehuggers... They're the right color and have lotsa legs, at least. I got my dad pretty good with one a couple years ago.
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I guess I shoulda said "there ARE plush..." SELF GRAMMAR POLICE!
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Holy crap that fly tying site is awesome, wannalol!
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