What's in these pills?
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I just got back from Mexico and bought what I hope is their version of Prempro. But now I'm not sure that what I have is the exact formula. I have estrogenos conjugados (Brand is Neradin). Does this have progesterone? Or just estrogen?
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According to the NIH website, "conjugated estrogens" is also called "Estrogen Vaginal", as in the brand names Estrace®, Estring®, Femring®, Premarin®, and Vagifem®.
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I didn't find much about Neradin by googling, but there's this.

This, this, and this could be useful in verifying the identity of the actual pills.

IANAD or a pharmacist or any sort of medical professional, but be careful with medication and good luck...
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It appears that Prempro contains both conjugated estrogens and medroxyprogesterone acetate, whereas Neradin contains only the conjugated estrogens (yes, estrógenos conjugados). So no, Neradin doesn't contain the progesterone and is the equivalent of Premarin, not Prempro.
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Thanks...that what I figured too. So it's back across the bridge for me. I appreciate it.
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