Phantom Foot Thumb
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Does anyone else ever feel the presence of a phantom thumb jutting out of the side of their foot?

Since I was a kid, I've been able to create a phantom thumb sensation along the side of my foot at will. It feels like my foot takes on the appearance of a monkey foot, and I can distinctly feel the opposable toe/thumb.

Whenever I tell this to my friends, they also can feel it. Sometimes they have to hold out their hand and compare the layout of their foot to their hand before it kicks in. For most, this is disturbing.

Anyone else? Are there any references to this phenomenon in the science literature? Is this some strange vestigial evolutionary quirk? Is it some sort of body-mapping malfunction?
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Best answer: I did as a kid, all the time! I hadn't even thought of this in years. I don't feel it anymore.
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I would have to say no.
Did you maybe have an extra toe when you were a kid that got removed that your parents never told you about?
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I would imagine you could 'create' the sensation of phantom limbs anywhere if you concentrate hard enough. And anyway, the bones that make up the thumb are used in the foot to make the big toe. So your big toe is actually the 'thumb' of your foot.
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Can you feel your actual thumb and phantom thumb at the same time with clarity?
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I would imagine you could 'create' the sensation of phantom limbs anywhere if you concentrate hard enough.

I can concentrate pretty damn hard, but I can't do that.
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No, but I wish I could... sounds awesome!
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Best answer: Oh man I used to get that sensation when I was a kid... I had completely forgotten about it until your question. Man, what a random thing to think up and then forget.

I wonder how common this is?
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This is totally weird. And no.
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Response by poster: Re: bunnytricks

I can feel both my actual thumbs and the phantom foot thumbs with clarity.
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I thought the big toe was the foot's thumb.
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Best answer: Oh. Wait. You mean there.

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Yes, when I was a kid, almost certainly as a result of my overactive imagination.
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In the current issue of The New Yorker, there's an Annals of Medicine article on this very subject! The Itch: Its mysterious power may be a clue to a new theory about brains and bodies, by Atul Gawande.
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Dammit, now my invisible toe itches.
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"You are all bewilderingly, utterly, unspeakably, insane." -phrontist

(I'm quoting the best answer from a previous thread that asked: Does anybody else get the urge to bite something (like say, an arm) every once in a while? )

I have no biting urges or phantom thumbs. But I did just spend 5 minutes with my bare foot up on the coffee table staring at it.
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This RadioLab episode may be of interest.
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Best answer: Not before I read this question, I didn't. Thanks.
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selfmedicating: dude, I came in here to post my trademark line, and you have to steal my thunder. :-)

To answer the question: No, but man, that's interesting.
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I have never experienced this. But I did just spend the last few minutes trying. Still nothing, though.
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Best answer: I have! And this question triggered the feeling, although it's pretty mild.
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Best answer: Yes! I've had this feeling for years. It's an annoying feeling because it comes with the urge to wrap it around something.

I can't contribute any information about why it happens, but you can be happy to know that you've made someone feel a little bit less like a freak.

This is why I love MeFi.
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