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I'm looking for an internet radio station that plays classic jazz. Mingus, Monk, Fitzgerald, Coltrane, Davis, Armstrong, Ellington, Parker, Gillespie, etc. Any suggestions?
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Dr. Horner's Classic Jazz Corner sounds like it might fit the bill quite nicely.
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Oh, here's a recent playlist that should give you a good idea of the type of music offered. This really does sound good, I'm eager to give it a listen myself.
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I'd give KNTU's internet stream a listen. They're not classic jazz only, but it's certainly in the playlist. But it's always good.
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There's a german station in iTunes' list of net radio station that I've enjoyed. They're big on the classics.
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While we're on the subject: anyone know of good sites with listings of streaming radio stations?

I love listening to streams in iTunes but the selection of stations is a bit limited (for example, under "International" there are only 14 stations, and some of those are duplicates because stations offer different bandwidth-sucking levels).
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I really like KPLU
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If you don't mind installing the vaguely unsettling ChainCast application (it's done me no harm thus far, but still) then Cool FM's internet stream makes some great listening.
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Too bad that classic jazz corner has all that Live 365 crap surrounding it.
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KKJZ has a bebop-only stream (56k live365) might be the German stream mathowie was talking about--they might not be classic enough, though
WEMU-Ypsilanti is a jazz-centered NPR station
Shoutcast might have something you like
(these are all streaming mp3)
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks!

I'm trying boomchicka's recommendation right now, which is fantastic. I will bookmark this thread and try them all over the next week or two (it takes me a few hours/days to get a feel for the station). Thanks again.
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Regardless of the type of music you like, you should check out and it's sister site - You download a pluggin for your MP3 player of choice and it listens to what you like to listen to. After a few days of listening to music, it knows what you like. It knows what other people like too, and knows what people like you like. Then via, it will stream a custom stream just for you of music that other people like you like that you might not have heard yet. It is truly remarkable.

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Classic jazz/blues:

More adventurous jazz, alernating with classical and other:
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