Can anyone recommend a NYC criminal defense attorney for a disorderly conduct charge?
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Can anyone recommend a good NYC criminal defense attorney to help me with a disorderly conduct charge?

I am facing a disorderly conduct charge in NYC. I'm not going to elaborate on the details of the incident here for all of the obvious reasons. Suffice it to say that no blows were exchanged and that I was never handcuffed or formally arrested -- arrested in the sense of having the Miranda warning read to me or sent to Central Booking for processing.

I know that the charge is bogus and penny-ante, that I could probably resolve it by showing up, pleading guilty and paying a fine. But I don't want even this charge on my record; something that seems penny-ante at this point could become a more major deal down the road, perhaps impeding my ability to find work or travel to some countries. And more importantly, I don't think I was doing anything wrong. So I'm not going to plead out. I intend to fight this charge.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced defense lawyer in New York City who would be good for this? What sorts of rates would they typically charge?

Thanks in advance.
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Email me via mefi mail.
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Email me via mefi mail.
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Email those guys. They may tell you about an ACD, which is an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal.
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