Help me find a good venue for a class reunion
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I'm going to be organizing a pub night for my class from the grade school I went to at some point — probably in September or October. The best location for the pub is probably in the north end of Toronto, say on Steeles or Finch somewhere, and not too far east or west. Not being very familiar with that area, I'd like suggestions as to a good venue. I'd like a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, decent food, and definitely nothing dive-y or too bar-like.
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Oh, and let's assume a crowd of anywhere from one to two dozen people.
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There are a few pubs along Yonge St. closer to Sheppard -- The Black Sheep, for example. There's also a Firkin of some sort there. There's a Firkin-like pub (Fox & Fiddle, maybe?) at Finch & Keele, too, but that might be too far west. These are all pretty interchangable places places -- if you're familiar with the Firkins, that's about what you're getting.

If you expect people to stand and mingle more than sit and eat, the bar at the Milestone's in North York Center might not be a bad choice. If you expect them to sit, then the fact that it's mainly small booths will be an issue, since it would mean people all sitting apart. For standing and mingling, though, there's a kind of open area with a pool table that people tend to congregate around.

There's a place called the Pickled Toad just west of Yonge on Steeles. Don't know anything about it other than that it's there, but I imagine it to be very Firkin-like, as well.
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Oh, and I think there's a pseudo-Irish pub in the Xerox building right at Yonge & Finch, too. Slug & Lettuce, maybe?
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