Hunting the elusive toe ring
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Toe rings and anklets in SF Bay Area, Marin/Sonoma?

My wife's birthday is coming up fast and though I have a gift for her, I found out this is something she would like, but it's too late to shop online.

So, tomorrow I'll be looking in Marin/Sonoma for a couple of simple silver band toe rings. Nothing too styled or embellished, just simple and nice. Maybe an anklet too, though I guess those might be more expensive than what I had in mind for this.

The big department stores don't even list them and I'm clueless.
Any locals know a source?
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Have you tried calling a few smaller, funky looking jewelers from the Yellow Pages?
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I do not know squat about any stores in Marin/Sonoma specifically, but if you can find a Claire's or The Icing chain store (found in many malls, outlet malls, etc.), they generally have this sort of thing. I can't speak as to how "nice' and quality they will be, but those are the one store I can think of that always has things like that.
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you could try indian jewelry stores, if you have any in your area. those usually sell anklets and toe-rings, although silver might still be hard to find.
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I have had luck finding toe rings at Sterling Works. I went to the one at Valley Faire Mall.
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I would imagine that you could find these at jewlery kiosks in the malls. Try Northgate. Northgate also has a Claire's, and some place called Fantasy Jewels.

I'm sure downtown San Rafael, San Anselmo or Fairfax would have some jewelry or hippie clothing store that would have what you're looking for, but I don't live in Marin anymore so I can't recommend a particular store.
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Claire's, in both the Petaluma Outlet Mall and in the Terra Linda Mall. Target in Rohnert Park had tons of toe rings and anklets the last time I looked, like in mid-May.
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