Blue Man, not the group.
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I'm looking for an old science fiction novel about an evil, blue giant titled "The Blue Man" - the Google and Amazon search is poisoned by both The Blue Man Group, and a young-adult science fiction novel "The Blue Man" which isn't it at all.

There is a science fiction novel I read long, long ago called, I think, "The Blue Man" - the Google and Amazon search is poisoned by both The Blue Man Group, and a young-adult science fiction novel "The Blue Man".

It was about a mysterious giant, the titular Blue Man, who laid waste to various human colonies on alien planets, a scene sticking out the most was of the giant being filmed rampaging though a domed-over city, then noticing the camera man and reaching for him, the broadcast going blank thereafter...

It was (I think) a cheesy 60's environmental/war political message dressed up as science fiction, but the scenes where the giant was doing his thing were really thrilling to this closeted giant-monster fan.

I think I would like to read it again, but it's been hell trying to track down a copy. I may have the title wrong.
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Best answer: Could it be Juggernaut, also known as Blue Juggernaut, by Bron Fane? Another cover.

"Juggernaut (Badger, 1960. Arcadia, 1965, as Blue Juggernaut.) A gigantic creature is laying waste to entire planets, but humanity has lived so peacefully for so long that they no longer have the weapons necessary to defend themselves.

"In the 29th century the Universe was a utopia. But suddenly, a giant Blue Juggernaut appeared to wreck havoc on all the worlds, making its way toward Earth - the final bastion of human kind." link
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All books titled "The Blue Man"

I don't think any of them are yours, though.
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I think iconomy's got it. Here's another synopsis.
The evocative cover art accurately depicts the opening chapters of the book – a mile high humanoid is flying around the galaxy, tearing open the life-support domes of human colonists, flattening their buildings and knocking over their huge 'computors' ('electronic brains').
Here are more covers of Juggernaut (including a picture of the same cover recycled as the cover of John Brunner's Thresholds of Eternity on an Ace Double.) Bron Fane was a pseudonym of the prolific pulp author R. Lionel Fanthorpe.
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