People and Quandaries
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Today on the corner of 6th Avenue and 20th Street, right next to the Avalon (which used to be the Limelight), there was a burnt mattress and a pile of furniture. On a small dresser there was an unlabeled Memorex CD-R. I put it in my bag, out of curiosity. All that was on it was a single short audio track.

Now, I'm not about airing people's dirty laundry, if I had found dumb party pictures, I would have just tossed it.
Now my question:
Anyone heard it before?
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Response by poster: Note: the track for some reason was given the artist "357 Crew" by CDDB, funny. Also it was sitting on and envelope with "People and Quandaries" written on it.
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Sounds like L. Ron Hubbard.
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Best answer: It's Wendell Johnson, discussing stuttering. The clip can be found on this page in the "Plogglies" section.
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Er, not discussing stuttering -- discussing general semantics.
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I'm willing to wager that this is Dion McGregor.
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Whoa. The clip sounded exactly like a Dion McGregor somniloquy. Eerie.
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Response by poster: Wild, man, plogglies.
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Wow - you have a good short story or novel start here.
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