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I recall seeing a quiz on the internet some time ago, that asked you about 20 questions, and then told you how logical your thought processes were, and told you why. Do you know where I can find this quiz?

This was a professional looking website, with well thought out questions, and responses to them. It wasn't something like Quizilla, but more like the Myers-Briggs tests.

I seem to recall it asked the same question twice a few times, with the intent of "catching you out". One of the questions was about Hitler.
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Best answer: The games on The Philosophers Magazine site are a bit like what you're describing.
posted by jedicus at 2:05 PM on June 27, 2008

Philosophical Health Check?
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Dammit, I screwed up the link. But I'm pretty sure that's what you're looking for.

Philosophical Health Check
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after you go through and take the quiz that narrativium linked, there's an error. boo.
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wow that was annoying. Don't take the Philosophical Health Check quiz.
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It works (i.e. no 404 error) if you go to the main website, click on the "Games" tab, and choose "Philosophical Health Check."
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I didn't like the Philosophical Health Check. It was too black and white. Yes, appreciation of art is a matter of taste, and MY taste is that Michelangelo was a great artist. Duh.
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that test was absolutely ridiculous.
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Defenestrator- The question did not ask your opinion of Michaelangelo, it asked whether or not he was a great artist. Pay attention to the wording. Duh.
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Piedmont - The questions were worded so narrowly that in questions such as the one on Michelangelo neither simply agreeing or disagreeing accurately stated my position.
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I did pay very close attention to the wording of that question. In fact, I stopped to ask myself if they were saying that Michaelangelo was objectively better or if I was simply agreeing that he was better, which would make it my subjective opinion. I decided that the latter was true. It's a bad question, and if they wanted to eliminate confusion, they should have added the word objectively to the question.
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