Which backpack fits my needs?
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I'm looking for a travel backpack with removal daypack that is gadget friendly.

I currently have an Eagle Creek Voyage 65L, which is just a tad too big for the regular 2-3 day trips I've been taking recently. Further, its removable daypack is slightly too small -- it fits my laptop, but has no other features to keep my gadgets (phones, chargers, cameras, iPods, etc) properly organized.

So... I'm looking for something new. It needs to be gadget friendly so I can remove the daypack with my laptop and other gear in it without having to lug my clothes everywhere.

Something smaller than 65L would be preferred: I need to be able to carry about 2-3 days worth of clothes in it at a time.
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I've got something similar, but since I figure I'm unlikely to find such a bag with an attachable daybag I'm happy with, I've figure the best option is to make a pouch that can fit inside the day pack to provide extra padding and waterproof protection for my laptop, and some extra pockets for keeping things neat.

Don't know how well that will work out mind you, but it seems a good solution in my head!
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I freaking love my Osprey Meridian 22". It fits in carry on, I can put at least a weeks worth of clothes in it, its durable, and I've used the day pack every single day for the past year+ as my commuter backpack, hitting the NYC subways with my laptop, blackberry, other phone, camera, headphones, mp3 player, a book/magazine, etc, and I use the main pack biweekly when i travel home (free laundry!). I've also gone on 3 vacations using it as my main luggage. The only issue I've had is a few frayed threads around the top entry to the day pack, which was fixed with a lighter.
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I have this pack that might be what you are looking for. I am selling it if you are anywhere near Colorado. linky
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