Window cleaning costing for n00bs
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Window cleaning question: how much is reasonable to pay for gutter, soffit and window cleaning for a 3-bedroom Victorian house (UK)?

So there is stuff growing in my guttering, and the windows need cleaning. I don't have the right ladders or the inclination to do this job. I've been quoted £90 - there are 8 windows and guttering front and back (it's a terraced house). Is this reasonable?
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So that would be $180 US right? That sounds reasonable by US standards. I was getting $100 for gutters cleaning 20 years ago when I had a summer job working for a home improvements contractor.
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It doesn't sound totally unreasonable - at a guess, three hours' work at the most. If you're in London it's probably a bargain.

Of course, for £90 you could probably buy yourself a ladder and do it all yourself, although you say that's not your thing.

If you want to shop around, look in your local free papers for some of those 'no job too small' people.
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Makes my £7.50 for 6 windows (including a big bay) sound like a bargain! Having said that, guttering is a big job. Doesn't sound hugely unreasonable but definitely shop around - can you ask your neighbours who did theirs?
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I pay £6 for 6 windows and £20 for gutters.
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