Can I downgrade Windows and not lose my liscenses?
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Can I backup Windows license information to "downgrade" a PC with Vista and Office installed to XP?

After experiencing the death of a recent laptop, I was issued a replacement by my company. At the time I requested that it have XP rather than Vista installed on it, but was told that all the license information was in place and they didn't want to lose a license by wiping out one installation and replacing it with another. I don't pretend to understand the ins and outs of Windows licensing, so I apologize if this seems jumbled.

My big question is essentially, is there a way I can back up the existing licensing information for Office, etc. such that it can be restored following the installation of XP and re-installation of Office?
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You want the Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder. It'll extract the license keys for Windows and Office, which you can then write down some place safe. If you re-install later you can use those keys.
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FWIW, I actually am quite fond of Vista for office work at this point, so you might want to consider keeping it if you dont have to rely on programs that dont support it.
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Does Vista, Office, XP, etc. Very handy, and lets you change keys, encrypt them, and back them up to boot!
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