Help me socialize in Singapore
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Where can I party in Singapore?

I'm a 19 year old American male visiting my aunt and uncle for a couple weeks and I'm starting to get cabin fever. It's my first time in Singapore. I'm not necessarily looking to go out and get wasted but I'm looking for a place where I can maybe get tipsy, smoke a few cigarettes and meet (and maybe dance with) some people my age on a friday night. I'm staying in Serangoon gardens in case anyone is wondering. I'm willing to answer any questions about any info I might have left out. Thanks in advance.
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check out mohamed sultan road where all the pubs/bars/clubs are and the majority of singaporeans go to party. zouk is hugely popular with the younger set.

boat quay and clarke quay have more restaurants and a more laid-back feel - and also more tourists.
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seconding mebibyte. truthfully there are not many places where you can party in Singapore ...
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Best answer: Mohamed Sultan Road is no longer the place to go - quiet restaurants are taking over what used to be a street full of youngsters spilling out of party places.

Zouk is an Institution! Will you have the chance to go on a Wednesday night? It's ladies night, and that's when Mambo Jambo is on - masses of young people doing synchronised hand actions and singing along to cheesy retro music. It's flat out bizarre and ridiculous fun. Then you can move along to Phuture or Velvet Underground (all within Zouk) for a more conventional clubbing experience, if you like.

Clarke Quay is great - try Ministry of Sound, or the Pump Room, or simply clubhop your way around.

Near Clarke Quay, at the Riverwalk, is Home Club - every Friday the Beat! trio spins indie rock, electro, new wave tunes to masses of indie teens high on cheap alchohol. Loads of fun, if you're into indie music.

Or, if you prefer hip hop and r&b, there's Butter Factory up the river, at Robertson Quay.

Avoid Boat Quay, please.

Smoking is banned in all restaurants and clubs, sorry. Most of the bigger clubs have special smoking rooms within the club, otherwise you'll have to step out for a smoke.

Your night at the clubs should end around 2am - take a cab back to Serangoon Gardens and have a delicious supper at Chomp Chomp Food Centre.
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Best answer: Will you have the chance to go on a Wednesday night? It's ladies night...

Maybe I should explain this more clearly. On ladies' night, girls get free entry and free drinks. Where the girls go, the guys follow. Lots of happy people all around.
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Best answer: Based on your age group, I'd say Zouk and maybe Ministry of Sound. Zouk especially on Wednesday nights has a lot of young people. Check the websites (Google them) for which DJs are playing and what sort of music is playing that night. Lots of international DJs play at both venues, and there tends to be good music and packed crowds on many nights of the week.

People might disagree with me but I think the best R&B right now in Singapore can be heard at Ministry of Sound and Butter Factory, though at the latter venue you tend to get an older crowd with more working professionals.

But you're in town for a couple of weeks! So try them all out!
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