Looking for a fully covered swim suit
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I am looking for a women's swimwear, which is fully covered. Can you pl. recommend some shopping store. The reason i am looking for fully covered is i have some marks on my upper arms and legs (on the thighs) due to skin surgery/transplantation and i want to cover them, so that they are not visible.
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Search for "full coverage swimwear", "full rashguards" and/or "Muslim swimwear".
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Have you looked for "modest" swimwear?
List of modest swimwear sites

Or maybe something like a rash guard/board shorts combination?
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You might want to try googling "modest swimwear," which caters to mostly religious women. A more fashionable option, for the top at least, would be to look for a "rash guard," which is like a long-sleeve t-shirt that surfers wear. I'm not sure about the bottoms, but you could probably get away with shorts, either spandex or loose. Either way, I would suggest buying a regular suit and wearing a coverup that you can get wet.
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WholesomeWear has culotte and skirt swimwear that covers down to the knees, and short sleeves.

Ahiida designs Muslim swimwear called the Burquini that covers everything but hands, feet, and face.
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Lands End has a great selection of swim skirts and shorts. Lots of different combinations and options.
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In an effort to avoid sun exposure, I wear one of these and sometimes one of these. They are very comfortable and while they look like they would be hot (temperature, I mean), they breathe really well. The other bonuses are they have a very big SPF factor built right in and you won't have a lot of fabric billowing around you while swimming.
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Any dancewear store will carry leotards with long sleeves and heavy tights made out of swimsuit-type material. Sometimes you can find these two garments combined into a unitard. Most leotards don´t have a built in bra, but some do or you can sew one in. Should work just fine for swimwear.
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I have seen a lot of women wearing board shorts and shirts (sometimes with a "regular" swimming suit underneath) -- that combination gives a lot of coverage (can be from knees to wrists and a high neck) while allowing for active running, swimming, etc, and does not stand out as unusual at all on a beach.
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Depending on your size, Junonia has full coverage swimwear in women's sizes 14 and upwards.
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don't go the religious/modest swimwear route—they're unattractive and awkward, and will therefore make you stick out like a sore thumb, plus they're not going to be as great for vigorous activity as stuff made for surfers. no reason you can't be covered up AND stylish AND sporty!

roxy's got boardshorts and rashguards, patagonia has rashguards, sporty lifestyle retailer moosejaw has boardshorts from many different brands (including roxy and patagonia), women's sports store titlenine has a rashguard and boardshorts.

try calling around swim stores or surf stores in your area and ask them what their selections are like, so you can know if it'll be worth your time to pay them a visit in person and try stuff on!
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A friend of mine uses Dermablend to cover her scars. I never knew until she told me. It's waterproof, too. That might be worth looking into...
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Second looking at surf stores. Also try looking for triathlon stuff. Example here.
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I totally second the Bodyglove. You get full coverage and you look like you are dressing that way because you want to, not because you have to.
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If price is no option, speedo makes some totally zoomy fastskin suits with full body coverage. They are ~$300 though. There may be cheaper alternatives in Yingfa Sharkskin.
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I meant no *obstacle* option
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Thanks to all for your time/help.
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