Is there a smaller AC adapter out there?
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I have a Dell Latitude X300, which uses the same ac adapter that every other Dell I’ve seen lately uses. Is there anything that will work for my laptop that is smaller and easier for me to carry around?

My current adapter says:
65W AC Adapter PA-12 Family
Model No.: PA-1650-05D2
Input: AC100-240V 50-60 Hz 133-158VA
Output: DC19.5V 3.34A

My back thanks you!
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Both Targus and Kensington has adapters that are much smaller and lighter than the monsters Dell ship. A added benefit is that you can use the same adapter for other laptops as well.

I've only used ones from Targus, but the Kensington ones probably work fine as well.
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Here's a non-rec: I have a smaller one that I would NOT recommend for carrying around in a bag, because the brick, while small, also has heated up so hot that it became somewhat deformed. It is a BriteOn adapter, model JP-65-03 (purchased new via an eBay store).

Learn from my cheap-ass self and don't make that same mistake.
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