Accepting Credit Cards On The Go
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I need a solution to accept credit cards on the go.

I'm starting a side-business as a computer geek, and because of the size of projects that I hope to get it would be useful to accept credit cards. I know that there's e-shop options like PayPal's virtual terminal, but I'd like to find something that I can access via my cell phone (Blackberry 8320) to accept credit cards at a job site.

Any recommendations/alternatives that I should consider?
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I've noticed vendors at craft fairs use little handheld card reader/printer combos hooked up to their cell phones. Kind of like this one. Google "credit card reader blackberry" for many more.
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I use propay to occasionally accept credit cards. I don't know the details of your phone, but if it has web browser, you can process payments online. Otherwise, you can still process a payment over the phone through their toll-free number just fine.
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There is a service exactly for you: take a look at the USA ePay solutions if you don't want to purchase a GSM/GPRS enabled terminal (for example).

Keep in mind that you will need to open a Merchant Account to accept credit cards through USA ePay, which will be subject to a very thorough credit and background check, as well as all kinds of application/monthly/transaction fees (still, it is always cheaper than PayPal in the long run). There are honest and decent providers out there, but make sure to avoid salespeople: in most cases, they seem to earn their commission by making sure the merchant never gets to read the small print. You can avoid them by asking for what's called a "house account".
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I like Propay
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I think Amazon has a solution that will allow you to accept payment via cell phone.
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Sorry this is a bit late ....

But once you have a merchant account, they all let you phone in a transaction. They provide a toll-free number and a bunch of numbers you have to read off. If you are older than 30ish, you must remember this from the 'old days' of credit cards - stores would somethings always have to call in cards.
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