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Electronics filter. Game show buzzer+. There are tons of simple game show buzzer layouts on the google. What I can't seem to find is an idiots guide to something that would allow you to take an input more complicated that a simple yes/no. i.e. interrupt + [string]. Any pointers?
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I need more explanation. Are you saying that you are going to have another input device feeding into something that will pass a string along into a programmable microcontroller or computer when you hit a big button? If so, this shouldn't be too hard...

A button, by it's very nature, is only on/off. Anything more detailed than that will require some additional input device, or have something programmatically feeding a string into a register/computer when the button is pushed, or...well, I need more information. I may be totally off-base here.
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(Oh, and I guess it should seem obvious that I'm assuming "buzzer" in this case means "big button" and not something else.)
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Sorry, should have been clearer.

Yes, each contestant has their own input device and their own big button, so the information gathered is not just 'who pressed first', but 'who pressed in what order' + 'what each person answered'
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