Telecommuting jobs?
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Help me find a telecommuting job!

I'm looking for resources to stop driving to work (pages, companies that mostly telecommute, firms to stay away from) . what telecommuting work is out there for someone with 8 years or so in tech support (end user and internal, computers, connectivity, cellphones, wans, lans, windows, some unix, some mac, too many software suites and ticketing softwares to list)?

I'm in denton, so if it's 50-75% telecommute and based out of dallas, that's fine too.
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Have you tried to talk to your employer? Maybe they'll be open to flexible schedule and let you work from home for a couple of days per week (for starters). My friend worked this way for Intel as web design project manager for several years. She started with 2 days per week from home, and later ended up coming there just once in a week or two, mostly to keep in touch with social life/professional networking.

If you want to completely switch jobs however, try to look at - hopefully it'll help you to get the ball rolling. Sorry, it's all I can help with!
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sadly, the current job has telecommuting that they are in the process of taking away.
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