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Quick -- I leave work at 4 and the iPod that I usually listen to on the bus ride home has no battery left. What can I find online to print out to read that will entertain me for 20-45 minutes?

Anything is good, really. Some specific interests: classical music, cooking, humor. But let's get creative here. Bonuses, of course, for easily formattable print friendly stuff. This is going into MS word to get collumnized and turned into 10-point font.
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I enjoy the Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey. You might also enjoy Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism. They're not really for everyone, but they're good spirited reading. Nothing to do with cooking or music, though perhaps humorous.
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There have been two big (both PDF) Supreme Court decisions. If I was in your position, I'd print them out and read them.
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You could search Scribd.
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McSweeney's Archives

Start clickin' and printin'.
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I feel your pain. I have a much shorter commute, but I listen to my iPod all day so I keep a charger permanently plugged in at my desk. Go buy one tonight.

Meanwhile: This might help. Or this. Or this.
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Why don't you grab a newspaper at a nearby stand? You won't waste paper printing, cause its already printed, and you'll have lots of variety in your reading. Plus, crossword.
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Here's an interesting story that I found through AskMe a while ago. It should be around the right length, I think. Semi sci-fi, haunting premise. It's called "Start the Clock".

Here's the thread about the story.

Here's another thread about free lit.
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You can go to Project Gutenberg and read a classic novel.
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If you've got a laser printer at work, go for anything from Malcolm Gladwell's New Yorker archive, all available in PDF or, uh, normal web-page form.

Personal faves:

What the Dog Saw
The Bakeoff
Big and Bad
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