The Skylark speaks in tongues.
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Romanian speakers, get your radio ears on. What's she singing? I'm trying to discern the name of this folk tune. (nb.: Radio Romania itself is useless for this. No e-mail contact info on their Web site and no links or information to the "Skylark" radio program.)
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Per the local Romanian:

The background noise doesn't let me understand any longer word so that I can search it. It's definetly romanian, but I can't make out the words. Just a word like leaf and love. You can tell them it's too hard for a romanian and it doesn't feel like it's a well known song but we have more sad songs like that.
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I'm a native Romanian speaker and I can't make out a single thing she's saying. It's definitely a Romanian song, though. I can also hear leaf and love but those two words are in every single Romanian folk song.
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Response by poster: Well, I'll see if I can rustle up the source audio and perhaps find some narration after the song - I don't recall there being any, but it's worth a playback...
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Response by poster: All righty, I went back and squinted at the source audio. I hadn't given it a shot for a while, but I believe the artist I'm looking for is Ileana Constantinescu. Now, of course, I only have to find her albums, which is proving just as difficult as identifying this song in the first place! The announcer only says that it's one of her "elegiac songs."
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